What is Spidercity?

Spider City is a new climbing activity using a patented technology allowing young and old alike to climb like a superhero on 3D climbing elements.

Our unique and patented system allows us to combine traditional FunClimb and Softplay, along with the world’s best and most trusted auto-belay, the Trublue, so you can spin your way around our innovative climbing and jumping modules.
Our idea was to create a unique new indoor activity using 3D objects, jumping from one object to the next in a soft-play environment while securing the participants to a rail (or cable) using the world’s best safety device, the TruBlue.
We use a very strong type of industrial hook & loop now patented for climbing usage, which has the unique property of being one directional, giving participants a strong grip when climbing but allowing the gloves to be released easily when moving the hand upwards.
The combination of the 3D climbing experience and the special Spider gloves give the user the feeling of being a superhero!
This, in addition to the infinite choice of backround printing, makes Spider City a unique new experience for all.